2015 April Newsletter

2015 April Newsletter
 April 2015 Newsletter

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We hope that the information we provide in our newsletters and on our website will illustrate better ways to manage and grow your practice, provide quality of life changing ideas, helpful information about optimizing your business, and then provide news on the future for the ever changing practice of medicine.




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This section will feature some ways for you to consider in how to run your practice more efficiently.




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Will let you know what changes you have recently received as well as what you should see within the next few weeks. We listen to our clients and add new features and fix issues to benefit all as quickly as possible.


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About the Company

Empower Technologies, Inc. is based in Sarasota, Florida and produces SonoSoft® Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software Suite, a practice management and electronic health records services, for small to medium-sized medical practices as well as hospitals and enterprise customers.
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More productivity, decreased errors and less stress.

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Simplifying the Process.


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Sales: 800.833.7707

Technical: 941.306.5800

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Here are 5 ways to help organize and do some spring cleaning to your office.


While some of you are still shoveling snow and scraping ice from our recent winter weather, it’s hard to remember that spring is here. Spring will mean green grass, fresh flowers, and spring office cleaning. While commercial cleaning for offices is essential in keeping your office space healthy year round, team members can participate in spring office cleaning. Spring office cleaning can help eliminate clutter and put staff members back on track to being productive and collaborative. Here are some ways to successfully participate in spring office cleaning.

  • Divide and Conquer- If you are faced with an extremely cluttered office space, you may feel overwhelmed when you attempt to clean. Instead of tackling the space all at once, divide the area into different sections to make spring office cleaning easier.
  • Leave What You Need- Experts say that the only items that should be on your desk are the items you need most frequently. Any other supplies or materials are clutter and can be distracting.
  • Paper Trail- While many offices are attempting to become paper free, the truth remains that paper is still a daily struggle for most businesses. To avoid clutter, create a system to keep paperwork organized. While participating in spring office cleaning, go through the large piles of paper that have accumulated over the past months.
  • Desk Drawers- While you may want to put off your “everything” drawer at the top of your desk that should be the first place you tackle. Use some type of divider to prevent your desk drawers from becoming cluttered and unmanageable.
  • Computer Cleaning- Even though it isn’t physical clutter, there can still be clutter on your computer. Take the time in your spring office cleaning to delete unnecessary emails and files from your desktop.

  • FIX: Corrected a problem that was preventing some systems from not being able to alter the selections in the NEW Chief Complaints system.
  • FIX: Resolved an issue that was causing the system to show the treatment plan tab when switching to the treatment plan, even if treatment plan was not the first tab in treatment.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed the delete button for todays services on the checkout screen, you can now simply select a service and press delete to remove it from this section.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Claims Archive now allows search by MedicalID
  • IMPROVEMENT: Claims Archive now accessible from patient checkout screen and automatically filters by that patients MedicalID#
  • IMPROVEMENT: The Dimensions measurement label in the Chambers tab under the Echo module are now user definable (Ctrl + Click to change the label)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Patients middle initial will now automatically capitalize if entered as lower case.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Corrected some labels that still referred to Optum as Ingenix.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Updated Accounts receivable tab layout to make more sense and group items more logically.
    Vein Subjective complaints box for are symptoms getting worse over time can now use the double click summary system.
    New subjective complaints system now supports cardiologist specific tab.
    Patch notes are now accessible from the logon screen.
  • NEW FEATURE: When generating batch statements a list of statements will be shown and allow you to remove patients from the list by selecting them and pressing deleted. Then when you run the batch only the statements still in the list will be generated.
    Statement Archive accessible from patients checkout screen, statements generated from the checkout screen will prompt if you wish to add the statement to the archive.
    Statements can now track what ‘number’ statement they are (adding a service or posting a payment resets the statement number back to 1) – Custom messages can be added to the statements for each number statement.
  • NEW FEATURE: Added a new permission for adjusting a patients first and last name after it has been entered the first time.

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