2015 April Newsletter

 April 2015 Newsletter In this Newsletter    Industry and Company News. We hope that the information we provide in our newsletters and on our website will illustrate better ways to manage and grow your practice, provide quality of life changing ideas, helpful information about optimizing your business, and then provide news on the future for the ever changing practice of medicine.       Business Updates This section will feature some ways for you to consider in how to run your practice more efficiently.       Updates and Features Section Will let you know what changes you have recently received as well as what you should see within the next few weeks. We listen to our clients and add new features and fix issues to benefit all as quickly as possible.   Our News around the Industry section will keep you informed on the latest information relevant to our business.   About the Company Empower Technologies, Inc. is based in Sarasota, Florida and produces SonoSoft® Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software Suite, a practice management and electronic health records services, for small to medium-sized medical practices as well as hospitals and enterprise customers. Our Goal More productivity, decreased errors and less stress. Our Motto Simplifying the Process.   Contact Information Sales: 800.833.7707 Technical: 941.306.5800 If you any questions or comments please direct them to us at: SonoSoft@gmail.com   Dr. John Stagl direct line 941.306.2040 Or visit our website at: www.NoMoreDictation.com       Here are 5 ways to help organize and do some spring cleaning to your office.   While some of you are still shoveling snow and scraping... read more

November Newsletter

Stage 2 Meaningful Use, its regulations and timelines. Sonosoft is here to help you qualify for your Meaningful Use Stage 2 certification as smoothly and easily as possible.  Sonosoft is a fully certified system, and we will continue to stay on the leading edge of all government compliance rules and regulations, as well as maintain our unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of our support and service.   Please contact us with any questions you may have, and review the official website to see all available downloads at:www.cms.gov. Stage 2 Core and Menu Objectives Stage 2 uses a core and menu structure for objectives that providers must achieve in order to demonstrate meaningful use. Core objectives are objectives that all providers must meet. There are also a predetermined number of menu objectives that providers must select from a list and meet in order to demonstrate meaningful use. To demonstrate meaningful use under Stage 2 criteria— Eligible professionals must meet: 17 core objectives 3 menu objectives that they select from a total list of 6 Total of 20 objectives Eligible hospitals and CAHs must meet: 16 core objectives 3 menu objectives that they select from a total list of 6 Total of 19 objectives The Stage 2 Overview Tipsheet provides a complete list of the Stage 2 core and menu objectives for eligible professionals, eligible hospitals and CAHs. Clinical Quality Measures Eligible professionals, eligible hospitals, and CAHs are required to report clinical quality measures (CQMs) during each year of participation in order to receive an incentive. Visit the Clinical Quality Measures Basics page to learn more about the options for CQM submission... read more


MEANINGFUL USE STAGE II As you may be well aware, the requirements established on the medical profession by the government over the past few years, and into the future are progressively more challenging to adhere to, and it can be very confusing especially Meaningful Use Stage II. We would like to make upgrading very easy for you. SonoSoft continues to stay on the leading edge of the development requirements for all government certified systems, and continue to offer our industry leading support and maintenance policies. By upgrading with us now, you will automatically meet the ability to attest and may be eligible to receive additional funding from the government through the Sonosoft 2014 CEHRT version (Stage ll). To qualify for any remaining rebates, you must upgrade to meet the Meaningful Use Phase II requirements before January 1, 2015. Our consultants indicate that if you should decide not to participate in the reimbursement program, not only will you fail to receive the incentives but will also incur reductions in reimbursement in all of your Medicare claims in future years. Again, the rebate program was established to help you defray your investment costs for cooperating in the required programs. We receive no incentives yet continue to make available the required changes mandated by the U.S. government. We will be happy to assist you with any of your questions about rebate procedures. Please note that you will be receiving a certified letter in the mail going through our upgrade program so that you can be fully functional by January 1, 2015   ADDED BONUS FOR YOUR PATIENTS SonoSoft has teamed up with United... read more

Industry and Company News

I want to take this opportunity to THANK each and every one of you for choosing SonoSoft. We appreciate your business and look forward to making your life easier every day. I also want to thank everyone for the referrals you have been sending. We’ve have had quite a few the past couple of months and I want to thank everyone for the kind gestures. Industry and Company News I also want to mention that we are ALWAYS looking for ways to improve our system and the best method is through your suggestions and feedback. With this being said, if you have any ideas or feedback please let me know by clicking below. Thank you, John Click Here For Your Ideas THE THREE NEXT BEST GOLF TIPS By David Collins PGA Golf Professional Last month I discussed how the chip shot was the best drill to improve your long game. The three next best tips are designed to put lower scores on your card. The First Tip is from Dave Pelz the world renowned Short Game Coach. Through his extensive research he found that most up and down opportunities are in the 30 yard range. With that being said, go to a practice green and pace off 30 yards in every direction which will give you four different shots. Hit all those different shots and watch your scores go down. The Second Tip is also from Dave and it is simple. Become an incredibly great lag putter. Through his research, he has found that two of the best laggers are Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. Do I need to say anything else…. Well maybe because... read more

SONOSOFT Electronic Medical Records Business Case Study

Impact of a properly implemented installation on business performance April 28, 2014 The current state of the problem Sonosoft recently conducted a business study, analyzing the implementation of its EMR software in comparison to the current practice,  in  a very busy and well established Florida medical practice.  The client stated that despite a busy practice and a seemingly unending supply of clients, the results show the business was not profitable and was less and less productive. The doctors were growing more frustrated and spending less time per patient, trying to generate more income, while patient care suffered. Upon beginning the project and concluding our initial study using professional management consultants, we encountered the following issues: A less than optimum business operation An improperly installed and poorly conceived EMR system in place and partially in use Lack of  up to date and defined Job duties, especially in light of a new system and its impact Poor training on system and procedures No back up procedures, resulting in missed assignments, and lack of accountability amongst staff Little cross training of employees to assist in other duties Poor morale due to high employee turnover and lack of accountability Excessive overtime expenses for several employees Exception management was excessive, with over 20% of the patient input required being done manually and outside the existing system, often requiring overtime and the removal of company records from the office to complete. The solution by Sonosoft After a period of study and gaining the approval of the physician, we will implement the following changes and improvements: We installed Sonosoft EMR software on all equipment in their... read more

Thoughts about Personal Organization

Have you even heard the saying, “If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person to do”? This is because, as we become busier, we get better at getting things done. There is only so much time. We have all been given the same amount. What was it, eighty-six thousand four hundred seconds per day? But what you and I do with this time may be completely different. In fact, it’s always different. We live different lives and have different values. Some people chase money, others are lost in relationships, and yet others are simply chasing their tails and not accomplishing much, if anything. Then there are others who lead joyful and fulfilling lives one moment at a time. Why do busy people get more done? It is simply because of Parkinson’s Law. The law states that work expands to fill the time available. For instance, if a little old lady wanted to send a postcard to her great-grandson, she might spend considerable time picking out the card, then head to the post office to choose just the right stamp. Now what to say on the card? This could take hours as it is very important. You see, with all day to dedicate to the project, why not take all the time getting it done? The reverse is true as well. The less time available, the more efficient we become by default. Get the point? As life starts to move more quickly for you, time will be limited. You will have to fit more stuff into fewer hours. As I write this book, I personally... read more

The True Cost of Employee Turnover- Acceptable or Not?

I do want to be clear, if you have a bad employee, your obligation, to yourself, your staff and your patients, is to get rid of them as quickly, quietly, and legally, as possible and learn from the experience. But in the case of a good employee, we should consider this scenario. We will take a look at the true cost of employee turnover, and its impact on your other employees and your practice, and you can decide if it is worth paying a few dollars more to properly keep a good employee. Lets define a good employee first. One who shows up, on time, has a positive attitude and work ethic, is liked and respected by you, your patients and your staff, and is one who understands their position and has gained your trust.  Ever been confronted with a situation where a good employee leaves, because you cannot afford to pay them a bit more? You post an ad, send word out to your peers, and hope the right candidate to replace that employee magically walks through your door. You are not a skilled interviewer, your too busy and that is not your training. So, sometimes, you delegate that to your office manager or someone else in your office and hope for the best. Now, it is their problem. But what does turnover of a good employee really cost you? What if the new person does not work out, or is less than you hoped for, and now need to make further adjustments. In today’s difficult job market, it is true that there is a wealth of people... read more