November Newsletter

November Newsletter

Stage 2 Meaningful Use, its regulations and timelines.

Sonosoft is here to help you qualify for your Meaningful Use Stage 2 certification as smoothly and easily as possible.  Sonosoft is a fully certified system, and we will continue to stay on the leading edge of all government compliance rules and regulations, as well as maintain our unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of our support and service.   Please contact us with any questions you may have, and review the official website to see all available downloads

Stage 2 Core and Menu Objectives

Stage 2 uses a core and menu structure for objectives that providers must achieve in order to demonstrate meaningful use. Core objectives are objectives that all providers must meet. There are also a predetermined number of menu objectives that providers must select from a list and meet in order to demonstrate meaningful use.

To demonstrate meaningful use under Stage 2 criteria—

  • Eligible professionals must meet:
  1. 17 core objectives
  2. 3 menu objectives that they select from a total list of 6
  3. Total of 20 objectives
  • Eligible hospitals and CAHs must meet:
  1. 16 core objectives
  2. 3 menu objectives that they select from a total list of 6
  3. Total of 19 objectives

The Stage 2 Overview Tipsheet provides a complete list of the Stage 2 core and menu objectives for eligible professionals, eligible hospitals and CAHs.

Clinical Quality Measures

Eligible professionals, eligible hospitals, and CAHs are required to report clinical quality measures (CQMs) during each year of participation in order to receive an incentive. Visit the Clinical Quality Measures Basics page to learn more about the options for CQM submission in 2014.

Stage 2 Resources

Stage 2 Overview and Measures

Stage 2 Regulations

Office of the National Coordinator of Health IT (ONC) EHR Resources


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