Dr. John Stagl

“Time saved is money earned. Click, print, done!”


That philosophy is the  motivation behind the creativity of our founder and president. As a pioneer in the field of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, Dr. John Stagl developed one of the first systems to capture and record examination findings and patient interactions in 1989!This year, SonoSoft remains the top selling vein specific EMR in North America.  With systems now in Canada, Africa, Australia and the Middle east, SonoSoft continues to grow.

Dr. Stagl, as a former practicing physician himself; has two decades of private practice experience. With a staff of 14 assistants and 3 physicians, he became well acquainted with the nuances of good, effective Practice Management. Using his experience, he consulted physicians on methods of practice efficiency techniques with dramatic results: doubling and sometimes tripling practice income while, at the same time, giving precious time back to the attending physician.

One of Dr. Stagl’s latest innovations: P.I.C.S. – the Patient Information Capture and Storesystem allows patients to create and carry their health records on a travel drive.  The system is designed to save the patient time in filling out forms at any doctor’s office.  The system will either produce a Universal Patient intake form or it will upload important health information to the physician’s EMR using an HL7 interface and/or a Continuity of Care Record )CCR).

Empower Technologies, Inc. is based in Sarasota, Florida. The company is focused on the goal of providing tools to assist medical practices, hospitals, schools, companies and individuals improve their efficiency. Result – more productivity, decreased errors and less stress! Dr. Stagl is a firm believer that we all deserve less stress and greater fulfillment in our lives.

Dr. John F. Stagl

SonoSoft Company President & Founder

Empower Technologies, Inc

1990 Main Street, Suite 750,

Sarasota, FL 34236



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Required SonoSoft Update before August 25th 2018

As part of our previously mentioned hosting migration we have released an update for SonoSoft to ensure that there is no interruption of service with regards to licensing and update servers. This update does not need to be run immediately but must be downloaded before the end of friday the 24th. As such our recommendation is to run the update on one machine in your office during slow hours and ensuring you have no issues, then updating the rest of the office machines after this test is complete.   If you have any questions or problems regarding this update then please contact support@nomoredictation.com  to get... read more

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Due to circumstances outside our control we are migrating some of our e-mail and website systems to a new web host. Due to the nature of such a migration some e-mails may be delayed, we thank you for your patience during this transition. If you have any questions regarding this migration please contact us at... read more