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Phlebology reports are a big part of the practice of vein specialists. If you’re thinking about implementing phlebology EMR in your practice, there is no time like the present!

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Today there are so many options for treating varicose veins that this specialty continues to gain momentum in popularity among doctors not to mention the fact that more patients than ever are electing to do something about their painful varicose veins.

The costs of managing a medical office are astronomical when it comes to manually managing reports. Electronic automation can dramatically improve an office’s productivity and profitability as well as giving doctors more time to practice medicine so they can spend much less time dealing with dictation and manual medical reports.

Phlebology electronic medical reports enable the Phlebologist to electronically manage their caseload and deal with many administrative tasks with ease. The reporting modules available to deal with phlebology make managing the information and doing the administrative work easy.

Instead of manually keeping reports and using a Dictaphone and then having transcriptionists take the tapes and create medical reports for you so you can manually keep everything together in a paper file, you can have the benefit of electronic storage and eliminate the need, expense and delay associated with medical transcription altogether.


What about the cost?

The cost associated with transitioning to software isn’t as steep as you might think. When you do a cost benefit analysis you can see that the software can pay for itself in a matter of a very short time. Time, productivity and profitability can all increase quickly.


What about training?

Some of today’s software packages are almost literally plug and play. You can buy a software package that comes with a degree of consulting to help you get ready to implement it. Chances are that if you buy software that’s designed for the phlebology specialty, it is going to be quite easy to implement. With a few quick changes to the templates, it will be ready to go.

Staff can often be given training manuals and some software packages come with video tutorials to show your staff just how easy the software is to use. In many cases, the office manager works with the software company and then trains staff internally. In a very short time your office could be more productive and more profitable.

Whether your specialty is phlebology or you’re in an office that has several physicians working together, automating to the right software package makes a lot of sense. There are many more than just one option available and you can take some time to familiarize yourself with various features and benefits of software before choosing one. You can often get a demo version of a software package as well so you can try it out and see if it has all the features and functions you need.

In terms of phlebology, there are software packages that put together phlebology reports, photos and link follow up appointments all together to help you manage the patient’s case carefully and in a way that proves much more productive for your office.

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