Sonosoft EMR Echocardiography (Echo) Report Software

Echo report software allows a technician to use software as they perform the echocardiogram on the patient. Instead of writing down notes based upon the results of the test, they can simply input information from a menu that is designed specifically for this type of test.

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Echo reports need to accurately portray the results of the medical echo cardiogram and because of that, the cardiac sonographers need the software to have the right fields in place.


How Does Echo Report Software Work?

Echocardiography reports will have information about the patient, their contact details, information about their family doctor or the referring physician and they will have places for the cardiac sonographer to input the information found when the sonogram of the heart is done.

Then, instead of a hand written report being sent back to the family doctor or specialist, the report can be sent electronically. A software package that performs this type of function might have a similar interface to Microsoft Office with the ability to fax the report somewhere right after it’s completed or the ability to e-mail it as an attachment to the office.

The boxes that come up on the reports could contain information via drop down menu when standard type findings occur or there would be the ability for the sonographer to edit those fields. Pictures from the sonogram could also be included with the report.

These reports give a medical office the ability to electronically file the reports as well as the ability to easily look up information by querying the patient’s name. The information can be shared with other medical offices because of the standard format and because the format would falls within regulations set by governing bodies, the software could also be used for billing purposes.


What kind of information might the report contain?

The report would contain information that would include measurements as well as any detected abnormalities. This non-invasive technique can definitely be beneficial for patients and their doctors in early detection of problems as well as determining courses of treatment.  Patients looking for information about this condition can find a lot of information online to help them prepare for the procedure and thanks to the software available today, physicians can begin treatment and talk to their patients about the results much sooner.

Besides the patient’s personal information and medical insurance details as well as the referring physician’s contact details other information might include comments by the sonographer as well as the referring doctor. Physicians, clinics and sonography labs who implement software find that the patients are better served and communication is streamlined between the clinic, the patient, the referring physician as well as the insurance companies from a billing perspective as well.

There are general reporting software options and software specifically for echo reports as well. The layout would be based on the general needs for all echo reports and allow extra fields if any comments or other information needed to be shared plus a level of customization available for a specific clinic’s needs.  Not all medical reporting or echo reports software is created equally so take the time to research all available options.

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