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Vein surgery reports need to be detailed. Whether it is endovenous laser reports or some other report needed, the ability to produce clear and concise reports is essential. It’s essential not just for keeping accurate patient records but it’s also important for ease of following up with that patient as well as billing for the service.

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Vein specialist reports can include text information as well as diagrams and if you use software designed specifically for vein surgery, it will be designed in such a way that it’s easy to produce well done reports because a lot of information will be present in drop down menus.

Many software solutions for particular specialties will have fields that come up with the most logical choice. Software designers of medical software know there are always exceptions so they will make the fields editable. The report will be filed under a particular patient’s name and can be accessed easily to refer to drawings or reports.

A medical office without automated reporting through their software can find it difficult and time consuming to manage their patient load. Because vein surgery is such a busy niche today, more specialists are faced with a backlog than ever.

Because of this, some software companies designed modules in their software that worked for specific medical specialties. Using a customized solution will save a doctor time and energy so he can spend more time treating patients than dealing with paperwork.

Medical software has many functions built in such as automatic age calculation and other basic information but it can also do advanced functions such as deal with particular medical areas with diagrams and measurements and automatic field population when required based on specific keystrokes.

An electronic chart is easier to put together by the doctor and easier to read in future. Where paper records are at risk of being lost or misplaced, electronic records can be easily accessed as well as backed up for safety reasons.

Some vein specialists take referrals and can provide automated reports from their software directly to the referring doctor. Reports can be generated automatically so they can be sent immediately. Sometimes the patient’s family doctor has a copy of the report before the patient is home from the appointment. This allows the vein specialist to bill immediately as well without having to wait for a transcriptionist to create an official report. Today’s software programs produce clear and clean reports that are as good or better than dictated reports because there are standards followed through the easy to follow interface.

Vein specialties are popular today with emerging technology and the reporting modules that are offered can really compliment a doctor’s practice. The software can help document the severity of veins with coding and there are sections specific to areas of the practice including: hemorrhoids, varicose veins and other areas of vein specialty as well. Reports are customized for procedures and tests and are uncluttered. Automated and electronic vein surgery reports and follow up reports are managed easily and in an organized way.

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Required SonoSoft Update before August 25th 2018

As part of our previously mentioned hosting migration we have released an update for SonoSoft to ensure that there is no interruption of service with regards to licensing and update servers. This update does not need to be run immediately but must be downloaded before the end of friday the 24th. As such our recommendation is to run the update on one machine in your office during slow hours and ensuring you have no issues, then updating the rest of the office machines after this test is complete.   If you have any questions or problems regarding this update then please contact support@nomoredictation.comĀ  to get... read more