Text Appointment Reminders

SMS text appointment reminders are great for doctors with busy schedules. SonoSoft delivers SMS text messages automatically through its integrated patient scheduler using MessageMedia.  Reduce time spent on the phone and allow your staff to be more productive caring for patients. For a limited time, in celebration of our new partnership we have worked with MessageMedia to offer free trials of the SMS system to our clients.
Any time you need someone to be somewhere on time, you’ll cut the no shows that cost you big. Get instant ROI that’s worth its weight in gold.
Patients failing to attend appointments plague busy physicians. Upwards of 20% of billable time can be lost. Worse, it can never be recovered. Once that appointment is gone, it’s gone forever. Time waits for no one. Automated SMS text reminders with return confirmation can cut no-shows by up to 50%. Now’s the time to get your income back. That’s a message you can’t forget.

Peace Of Mind that’s triple Guaranteed.


messages media


Eee Slate EP121

P_50012.1″ Windows 7 Slate with Intel Core i5 CPU and Wacom Digitizer for Powerful Productivity

  • Windows 7 Home Premium or other editions available
  • Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
  • Ultra-performance tablet with an Intel® Core™ i5 processor.
  • Multiple data input options (Digital Pen, Bluetooth keyboard, fingers) for increased productivity.
  • 12.1″ screen with a wide viewing angle and built-in high quality speakers for an excellent entertainment experience.
  • Multiple I/O ports for your expansion needs (mini HDMI, USB, card reader)
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2015 April Newsletter

 April 2015 Newsletter In this Newsletter    Industry and Company News. We hope that the information we provide in our newsletters and on our website will illustrate better ways to manage and grow your practice, provide quality of life changing ideas, helpful information about optimizing your business, and then provide news on the future for the ever changing practice of medicine.       Business Updates This section will feature some ways for you to consider in how to run your practice more efficiently.       Updates and Features Section Will let you know what changes you have recently received as well as what you should see within the next few weeks. We listen to our clients and add new features and fix issues to benefit all as quickly as possible.   Our News around the Industry section will keep you informed on the latest information relevant to our business.   About the Company Empower Technologies, Inc. is based in Sarasota, Florida and produces SonoSoft® Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software Suite, a practice management and electronic health records services, for small to medium-sized medical practices as well as hospitals and enterprise customers. Our Goal More productivity, decreased errors and less stress. Our Motto Simplifying the Process.   Contact Information Sales: 800.833.7707 Technical: 941.306.5800 If you any questions or comments please direct them to us at: SonoSoft@gmail.com   Dr. John Stagl direct line 941.306.2040 Or visit our website at: www.NoMoreDictation.com       Here are 5 ways to help organize and do some spring cleaning to your office.   While some of you are still shoveling snow and scraping... read more