Text Appointment Reminders

SMS text appointment reminders are great for doctors with busy schedules. SonoSoft delivers SMS text messages automatically through its integrated patient scheduler using MessageMedia.  Reduce time spent on the phone and allow your staff to be more productive caring for patients. For a limited time, in celebration of our new partnership we have worked with MessageMedia to offer free trials of the SMS system to our clients.
Any time you need someone to be somewhere on time, you’ll cut the no shows that cost you big. Get instant ROI that’s worth its weight in gold.
Patients failing to attend appointments plague busy physicians. Upwards of 20% of billable time can be lost. Worse, it can never be recovered. Once that appointment is gone, it’s gone forever. Time waits for no one. Automated SMS text reminders with return confirmation can cut no-shows by up to 50%. Now’s the time to get your income back. That’s a message you can’t forget.

Peace Of Mind that’s triple Guaranteed.


messages media


Eee Slate EP121

P_50012.1″ Windows 7 Slate with Intel Core i5 CPU and Wacom Digitizer for Powerful Productivity

  • Windows 7 Home Premium or other editions available
  • Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
  • Ultra-performance tablet with an Intel® Core™ i5 processor.
  • Multiple data input options (Digital Pen, Bluetooth keyboard, fingers) for increased productivity.
  • 12.1″ screen with a wide viewing angle and built-in high quality speakers for an excellent entertainment experience.
  • Multiple I/O ports for your expansion needs (mini HDMI, USB, card reader)
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Microsoft Office 2007 End Of Life

IMPORTANT NOTICE! This year Microsoft is ending their support life cycle for many of their older software products. This may affect you because these products will no longer receive security updates and support from Microsoft. The complete list of product is available below. Please note that Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista are part of the list for end support life cycle. These products will no longer receive security updates this could become a HIPAA security concern. As such Empower Technologies, Inc is removing official support for SonoSoft on machines running windows vista or older. Also we will no longer support installs on office/access 2007. Please ensure your computers that are running SonoSoft are using the compliant and supported versions such as, Microsoft Windows 7 or newer and that you have Microsoft Access runtime 2010 SP2 installed OR Access 2010 SP2 and Word 2010 SP2 or newer. Additionally, ensure that all products above have been updated with the latest security patches issues by Microsoft. Step 1) Uninstall Access runtime 2007 (if you have a full version of access as part of office 2007 we recomend removing that too). Step 2) Download and install Access runtime 2010  from Here Ensure you download the 32 bit version NOT the 64 bit version. Step 3) Download and install Access runtime 2010 Service Pack 2 from from Here Both access runtime and the service pack must be installed for this update to function correctly. If you have any questions please contact us: support@nomoredictation.com For more information on Microsoft end of life you can reference both the Office end of life cycle and the Windows... read more