-Request A Demo-

If you would like a demonstration of SonoSoft over the Internet, then please E-mail us

All you need is a computer and Internet access. You will not be pressured by a salesman. Simply “show and tell”.

Call us at 941-315-9946 or fill out the form below.

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Required SonoSoft Update before August 25th 2018

As part of our previously mentioned hosting migration we have released an update for SonoSoft to ensure that there is no interruption of service with regards to licensing and update servers. This update does not need to be run immediately but must be downloaded before the end of friday the 24th. As such our recommendation is to run the update on one machine in your office during slow hours and ensuring you have no issues, then updating the rest of the office machines after this test is complete.   If you have any questions or problems regarding this update then please contact support@nomoredictation.comĀ  to get... read more

However, the EASIEST way is to just

Call us at (941) 315-9946

 A REAL PERSON will answer your call, answer any questions you may have and if appropriate, schedule a demo for you immediately. Fast and Easy!

Then we will send you an reminder via e-mail.  On the day of the demo, we will call you and allow you a fast and easy way to view our system LIVE.

So what does the Demo involve? First we will contact you through your preferred contact method to arrange a time that fits your schedule. You can view the system as if you have it on your computer. You are free to use the mouse, create reports and ask questions to one of our qualified technicians. You do not need any technical skills for this process.

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