Reviews About Our EMR Software

“I recommend SonoSoft as the EHR of choice for my vein practice. We started with a very general EHR, not designed for a vein practice specifically, and it took a lot of effort to make it workable. When circumstances changed and we were going to be forced into a 5 year contract, I decided to switch to a vein-specific EHR. That was a good decision – but our choice of providers wasn’t.  I went with StreamlineMD, and it turned out to be a frustrating and expensive mistake. After six months of trying to make it work, including paying for extra office staff to enter stuff (!),  I decided to stop throwing good money after bad and switch. I got SonoSoft – and it’s been great! It’s so much simpler and more intuitive. I can make changes to templates myself – not have to call and talk to a voicemail or email my changes , wait days for them to be made, and pay for support time for every little change. The technical support is timely; if they don’t answer when you call (which is uncommon), they really do call you back within the hour.  And if something doesn’t work right, they make an effort to figure it out, not treat the customer like they don’t know what they’re doing.  My coders and billers tell me it’s much easier from their end also, and my ultrasonographer says he no longer finds that making a small change in a report accidentally erases everything he already entered so that he has to start over! It’s been a month now, and already everything is flowing much more smoothly.  Highly recommended!

Cynthia Steimle

Vein and Laser Center of Elgin Cardiac Surgery, MD

Thanks for the great support. (Now) I will be able to create a comprehensive encounter with only a few clicks. I have been using EPIC EMR in my other surgery office and SonoSoft is much easier to use. James Sherman

Vein Specialists of Augusta, GA

“I received my check!”
“I have found SonoSoft so easy to use and suitable for my practice that I highly recommend it to all of my colleagues. The EMR provides a built-in and convenient meaningful use dashboard to help with the government application process. In January of 2013 I received my check from the government for $18,000. With the incentive money and no more transcription fees, my system has already paid for itself several times over.

I started using SonoSoft i
n March of 2008 and I love it! When I show my colleagues SonoSoft, they are amazed as to how easy it is to use.  SonoSoft Vein Specialist was developed for phlebologists, so it’s literally point and click for all of my data entry.  I use a touch screen computer to enter my notes with little to no typing, so it doesn’t slow me down.  Over the years, I have seen SonoSoft continually improve.  It seems that they remain on the cutting edge of technology and it’s exciting to see what’s new when I get my automated update in the morning. The support staff has always been very helpful and accommodating.  There is never been a charge for extra training or support that was seemingly outside of the scope of the software which was initially installed.  In my opinion, the service has been outstanding.   I highly recommend the company and the software. Recently I have started to use Dragon medical which works very well with Sonosoft.”
Imtiaz Ahmad, MD

Cardiothoracic and Vascular Associates, Hamilton, NJ

“Our practice has four full-time phlebologists and has performed over 35,000 venous procedures. We just finished the first year of using Sonosoft and the benefits have been unbelievable. The practice is so much more efficient with immediate availability of all reports which has made pre-certification faster and easier.  Our practice saved $40,000 in transcription expenses in the first year. It is obvious that Sonosoft would be an asset to any practice as our office is so much efficient, organized, and streamlined.”
George E. Lovegrove, MD

West Virginia Vein and Skin Centers

“We have been using Sonosoft™ in our outpatient physical therapy facility for two years and are very pleased with the increase of productivity and efficiency it has implemented to the medical records process in our facility. The templates are very user-friendly and allow for a quick yet thorough attestation of the daily progress of our patients. The professional and organized reports help create a smoother process with billing, resulting in quicker payment on claims. Customer service has been both personally attentive and quickly responsive to our needs. As a growing practice, we are very happy to have found an EMR program that serves so many useful and necessary purposes, but also allows us to go home earlier each night to spend time with our families instead of hovering over medical records for hours on end. We would highly recommend Sonosoft™ to any medical practice!” 

Paul M. Dye, MPT., MOTR/L., ATC., CSCS

Trent R. McGary, DPT. Bryce S. Woodfield, DPT. Shane S. Schulthies, PhD/DPT/ATC., PMD Therapies, PLLC, Rexburg, ID

“Thank you so much for the time you spent with Yvonne and I today. I greatly appreciate the attention you have given us. Your dedication to our practice has allowed us to improve our vascular lab reporting significantly. It has also increased our knowledge in Word and SonoSoft® so that we can better address issues on our own. This has allowed us to save money and increase our skills. It is hard to find a company that is clearly working for you and we truly appreciate your support. Everyone at SonoSoft® is always quick and eager to help with whatever issues or concerns we may have. Your level of professionalism is remarkable. We look forward to a continued working relationship with you and the rest of the SonoSoft® team.”

Megan Franklin

Office Manager, Vascular Center & Vein Clinic of Southern Indiana - Bloomington, IN

“Thanks so much for your quick response in getting my questions answered about making a few changes. The software has been so easy to use, I actually got it figured out before you called back. The SonoSoft® system has really made my job in the office so much easier. The reports and letters are done before the end of the day and ready to be signed. Being overwhelmed with stacks of charts on my desk are a thing of the past!! Thanks again”

Jaci Morris

Medical Assistant, Vein Center Houston

“Upon obtaining the SonoSoft® program we were very impressed with how user friendly the templates are. It has already saved my physicians a lot of time and headaches from the normal way of dictation. The customer service at SonoSoft® is also very exceptional. Any time our office has any questions or concerns about the templates, our questions would be answered right away, and they would call a few days later just to follow up and make sure everything was still running smoothly. I would recommend their services to anyone.”


Office Manager, Cardiovascular and Stem Cell Consultants, Gilbert, Arizona

“I’ve been using the Vascular and Echo modules in my office … and it’s been great. I no longer have to take studies home on the weekend or spend long hours in the office after everyone else has gone home. But what I like most is the fact that the reports are consistently accurate and attractive! I recently purchased the NucMed module and John Stagl (SonoSoft® developer) worked directly with me to get everything just right. Great product, great service!” John K. Lourie, MD

Advanced Cardiology, Bradenton, FL

“The SonoSoft® (Vein Specialist) evaluation and treatment software has been a major helpful addition to our practice. We perform endovenous laser ablation of lower extremity veins in our practice. The easy to use intuitive interface of the SonoSoft® software has allowed us to create quick reports to send to insurance companies to obtain either pre-authorization or to send with a claim. The insurance companies seem to welcome the concise reports which serve as verification of medical necessity. The cost of the software is easily made up for with just a few surgical cases. The customizable forms have also been useful in our Aesthetic work. I highly recommend it to similar practices.”

Robert M. Peppercorn, M.D. Inc.,

Medical Director, Advanced Dermatology & Laser Center of Northern CA

“Before I was introduced to SonoSoft®, I would sit for hours at the office after everyone went home, generating my own reports for each chart. By the time I made it home, the kids were in bed and I was exhausted. SonoSoft® changed all that! With The Vein Specialist, the office now works as a team, accurate reports are generated, signed and faxed to the insurance companies and referring physicians before the patient leaves the office. The system is amazing. It has changed my life and has increased our overall productivity. I highly recommend it!”

Daniel Mountcastle, MD

Phlebologist, St. Petersburg, FL

“I wanted to let you know I am very pleased with the software. Their technical staff has been very helpful to customize the program to our needs and I know I am very needy! I am particularly pleased to find that the program is very user-friendly as I am not savvy with computer technology. The integration the program provides is exactly what I was looking for. So I can easily generate an insurance letter and op note from my assessment/ plan. The cost is also affordable compared to other EMR (which does not necessary have the vein specialist module available). So thank you for saving me time daily so I can spend that with my family!”

Mimi Lee, MD

Phlebologist, Little Rock, Arkansas

“Sonosoft is amazing !!!!!!…..this IS the company to go to!!!!!
It is great!!!! The reports are fantastic that they developed using our templates!!!!

Thanks again.”

N. Sydney Moïse

DVM, MS, ACVIM, Section Chief of Cardiology, Cornell Univerity

“We are a vein and cosmetic center operating with 1 physician, 1 mid-level, 4 nurses and approximately 3 admin employees. Sonosoft has been our EMR system for 3 years now and we love it. We use both the EMR and Practice Management systems for both the vein center and cosmetic center. Implementation and conversation from our old software system went very smooth. Customer support is excellent. I love the fact that Sonosoft goes above and beyond when we have a question. I also love the fact that Sonosoft listens to their users by allowing us to request enhancements to their system. They are always improving the software! I would recommend Sonosoft to any vein or cosmetic practice.”

Mary Kunze

Practice Manager of Vein Center, Lake Norman

“Just to let you know, I retired at the end of June 2012.  Thanks for all the help in using your program for venous disease; we were not the most computer literate group, but found it easy to use The biggest help was in dealing with various insurance companies which are requiring more and more information and we were able to give it to them, cutting down on initial denials.”

Chuck Strub, MD

Puget Sound Vein Center, Monroe, WA

“The sonosoft software was designed around my practice and has made everything very efficient so that it’s much easier to work and see patients.”

John V. Dunne, MD

Lakewood Ranch, FL , Erasers Body Enhancement Centers

“I have greatly benefited from SonoSoft. . .  it has saved us a lot of time, has helped us create professional reports in time and saved us a lot of money in transcription costs. The support we got from you . . .was phenomenal. I would highly recommend the software as a great value for the money, to anyone.”

Dinesh K. Singal, MD, FACC, FSCAI,

Heart & Vascular Center of New Brunswick, Vice-President Medical Staff, Saint Peter's University Hospital; Attending Cardiologist, RWJ University Hospital and Princeton Medical Center

“As a customer, I have been very happy with the support that SonoSoft® has offered ANY time that I have called. Dr. John Stagl and his staff … are very kind and very helpful with any issue that I have encountered. Additionally, they have modified their software to accommodate me and my office. It’s a nice feeling to know you have assistance anytime you call.”

Michelle Moore

Atlanta Vein Specialists, Alpharetta, GA

“We have been using the Vein Specialist and Aesthetics modules for over five years now. With the regular upgrades, it just keeps getting better! What I really would like to express is how we appreciate the awesome customer service we’ve received. You always do what you say you are going to do, and no matter how small the issue is, Rich is always quick to assist me. I highly recommend SonoSoft®; it’s been a great solution for us.”

Nikki Carver, MA, CMT

Bradenton, Florida

“Dr. Stagl,

Your software program has made a great addition to our vein clinic practice. We cannot express enough gratitude to you and your staff for all of your help and assistance with this software. The SonoSoft® software is exactly what we were looking for our practice. It is very user friendly and provides us with all the necessary documents that insurance companies might require. We would be glad to recommend the SonoSoft® software to anyone with a vein clinic practice.

-Dr. Zavala”

Edgardo Zavala, MD,

Chandler, AZ, Ciao Bella Vein Clinic

“As soon as I started using SonoSoft® to create, print, and save my preliminary echocardiography reports, I realized the inherent beauty and great utility of the program – it not only allowed me to create a comprehensive and ICAEL compliant report just within a few short minutes, but it helped me to quickly think through and synthesize the key findings in the study and quickly generate those findings in the form of a very handsome report and saved Word document in the respective patients’ charts.”

Clifford Thornton

Echo sonographer, Naples Cardiology

“Thank you for your personal interest in our growth.  Your team is wonderful… Great Job!”

Ashfaq Siddiqui, MD

Mansfield, TX, Total Vein Vascular and Wound Care,

“Wow, I was amazed how easy it was to generate reports in the SonoSoft® Vein Specialist program. With just a click of the mouse, I was merging data and printing custom reports while the patient was still getting dressed. With this system we don’t forget to include any of the important details regarding our studies or procedures. These reports are very professional and have improved our relations with the referring physicians.”

Kim Truett

Vascular Technologist, Mountcastle Vein Centers, St. Petersburg, FL

“SonoSoft® is a big win for physicians. After researching SonoSoft® and ordering the system for a client, my company signed on to help spread the word. As promised, SonoSoft® allows doctors to quickly tailor individual reports that follow each patient from the first visit to final follow up. The documents are thorough and professional, and the system itself is quite affordable. I recommend SonoSoft® products to any physician looking for a better way to handle medical reporting.”

Tom Sides,

Tom Sides & Associates/Media, MD,, Beckley, WV