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In the past, stress test reports were fairly manual. Some offices created a standard form for them instead of simply writing a manual and unstructured report but the manual labor involved definitely slowed down productivity.

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Not only is productivity slowed down in a medical office that doesn’t have electronic stress tests but also it can result in many problems like:

  • Slower response times to patients
  • Slower lead time for medical billing
  • Less time for the physician to practice medicine or have a personal life because of the time involved proofreading long medical reports that are prone to errors due to the manual nature of preparing them.
  • Lack of organization and misplaced records
  • Difficulty reading reports prepared in a non-standard format.

Electronic Report Benefits

With electronic stress test reports, there is a standard screen where information is put in. When a patient’s record is created for the first time, their name, age and other health details are entered. From that moment on, that file exists for that patient and it can be added to. This means that after the first time the patient visits the clinic, the reporting process is even further reduced because the office has a record on that patient with associated reports about previous visits. Advanced reporting can provide very detailed reports and analysis about previous stress tests.

Whether there’s a need for a nuclear stress test EMR or other type of test, stress test reporting done electronically happens much faster than the traditional manual methods. The software chosen should be ICANL compliant and this will mean benefits from a billing perspective as well.

Specialized stress test reporting software can include various types of techniques such as treadmills with varying drop down menus that list speeds and times. It can also look at previous testing and other tests performed as well and make comparisons.

Nuclear stress imaging reporting software can have many drop down fields that contain standard responses. There are also customizable or editable fields as well. Some physicians who have been in practice for a long time are hesitant about changing their procedures and reporting due to habit. Many physicians who buy this software send in testimonials a few months after the software is deployed in their office with glowing reviews about the ease of following procedure and the increased productivity in their office. It could result in:

  • Faster turnaround time for medical billing
  • Better communication between staff
  • Better communication time to patients
  • Improved ease of doing business between other offices in terms of referrals
  • More free time for physicians
  • Fewer administrative staff members needed.

Stress test reports contain very valuable information to help doctors treat their patients and anything that can be done to facilitate smoother delivery of information and storage of information can be productive. 

If you’re looking at the option of having a reporting software with a module that is designed specifically for stress test reporting, there are options out there that will offer you an in depth look at how the software could improve your practice.

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