Key Features

Data Entry

  1. Point and Click technology requires little to no typing.
  2. User definable drop downs with default capability.
  3. Fast and easy filters for patient and physician look-up.
  4. Dictation friendly fields.
  5. Information saves automatically on form changes as you type therefore never lose data.
  6. Worksheets available for physicians who prefer to take notes for staff to enter data.
  7. User definable decision rules.
  8. Abundant auto calculations in reporting modules.
  9. Data entry uses information captured to automatically create diagrams in editable mode

Encounter Reporting

  1. Smart capture for missing data removes entire sentence if data was not collected leaving no ‘holes’ in dictation.
  2. Built in scripting tools allows for client to adjust code to personal preferences.
  3. All templates delivered with system for fast start up.
  4. Templates designed in MS Word for fast and easy modification or redesign.
  5. Auto saves documents into patient chart.
  6. Built into MS Word is our SonoSoft proprietary single click tool to allow faxing to referring physicians.
  7. Electronic signature for secure physician documentation.
  8. User definable folders for notes with ability to automatically push any report to any predetermined folder.

Patient Management

  1. NEW Automated Appointment Reminders sent to patients via SMS text messaging
  2. Report for Pending Orders prevents a recommended treatment, study or procedure from ‘falling through the cracks’.
  3. Deploy patient alerts quickly.
  4. Never lose access to your patient records.
  5. Never lose access to your schedule.
  6. Thumbnail photo for added security.
  7. Quick entry patient notes for any extraneous data.
  8. Patient visit summary.
  9. Chart list for today’s studies for review.
  10. Track patient location in office.
  11. Store patient photos for before and after comparison.
  12. Store ultrasound images for review in patient chart.
  13. Inactive patient lists.
  14. Birthday lists by month.
  15. Create list patients for any medication.
  16. Built in medication look up for over 400,000 medications.

Meaningful Use

  1. EHR 100% Drummond certified for meaningful use.
  2. Built in meaningful use dashboard for easy access to required reporting.
  3. User definable decision rule support
  4. ePrescribing through SureScripts (DoseSpot)
  5. Patient Portal for transfer of records and educational material to patients


  1. Flag studies for accreditation.
  2. Track re-reads, re-scans and correlations.
  3. Quickly calculate total studies performed in any given period by CPT code.
  4. List patients by diagnosis.

Claims Management

  1. Insurance library for easy look up.
  2. Insurance claims: Produce a paper claim, send to a billing service or directly to the clearinghouse.
  3. SonoSoft checks to make sure all necessary information has been entered prior to filing insurance.
  4. Track pending approvals.
  5. Batch entry for insurance check emulates an EOB for easy entry and automatically prompts for secondary or tertiary claims submission, write-off or patient responsibility.
  6. Full preauthorization and claims tracking through clearinghouse with access built into SonoSoft.
  7. Create report for all patients not ready for billing.

Practice Management

  1. Built in credit card processing available.
  2. Built in time clock for payroll services.
  3. Internal messaging system for staff and physicians.
  4. Generate reports for studies read for other physicians for billing.
  5. Segregate studies performed by your staff for payroll.
  6. Inventory control system counts products sold and reminds when time to re-order with total estimated costs.
  7. Reports for inventory summary and inventory used over time.
  8. Built in sales tax calculator for taxable sales.
  9. Report shows where your patients came from and the amount of revenue from each source.
  10. End of Day reports check for services not posted, daily cash and checks with a deposit slip, credit cards tally and total services.
  11. Aged accounts receivable reports by patient responsibility or insurance company.
  12. Batch statement to patient available.
  13. Built in event logger tracks and logs actions performed in the system.
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Required SonoSoft Update before August 25th 2018

As part of our previously mentioned hosting migration we have released an update for SonoSoft to ensure that there is no interruption of service with regards to licensing and update servers. This update does not need to be run immediately but must be downloaded before the end of friday the 24th. As such our recommendation is to run the update on one machine in your office during slow hours and ensuring you have no issues, then updating the rest of the office machines after this test is complete.   If you have any questions or problems regarding this update then please contact  to get... read more

Web site hosting migration

Due to circumstances outside our control we are migrating some of our e-mail and website systems to a new web host. Due to the nature of such a migration some e-mails may be delayed, we thank you for your patience during this transition. If you have any questions regarding this migration please contact us at... read more

MIPS Attestation 2017

Do you need to attest for MIPS in 2017? Check your eligibility at If you are eligible, we can submit your Quality Measures through our Certified CMS Registry. There are minimum requirements to avoid negative adjustments. For more information, please call our Sonosoft/ETI Customer Service number at –... read more

Microsoft Office 2007 End Of Life

IMPORTANT NOTICE! This year Microsoft is ending their support life cycle for many of their older software products. This may affect you because these products will no longer receive security updates and support from Microsoft. The complete list of product is available below. Please note that Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista are part of the list for end support life cycle. These products will no longer receive security updates this could become a HIPAA security concern. As such Empower Technologies, Inc is removing official support for SonoSoft on machines running windows vista or older. Also we will no longer support installs on office/access 2007. Please ensure your computers that are running SonoSoft are using the compliant and supported versions such as, Microsoft Windows 7 or newer and that you have Microsoft Access runtime 2010 SP2 installed OR Access 2010 SP2 and Word 2010 SP2 or newer. Additionally, ensure that all products above have been updated with the latest security patches issues by Microsoft. Step 1) Uninstall Access runtime 2007 (if you have a full version of access as part of office 2007 we recomend removing that too). Step 2) Download and install Access runtime 2010  from Here Ensure you download the 32 bit version NOT the 64 bit version. Step 3) Download and install Access runtime 2010 Service Pack 2 from from Here Both access runtime and the service pack must be installed for this update to function correctly. If you have any questions please contact us: For more information on Microsoft end of life you can reference both the Office end of life cycle and the Windows... read more